Welcome to Christ Community Church of Plainfield.

We’re glad you’re interested in visiting our church. We hope you join us at a weekend service and consider making us your church family. Our faith is grounded in Jesus Christ. Our core beliefs are shaped by the Bible and historic creeds. Our vision is to teach truth and develop followers of Jesus (disciples). Doing this well will always impact the world in a “missional” way.

What are you about?

At Christ Community, we are about three things: Jesus, community and mission — in that order. Jesus first, because real lasting joy, hope and change is only found in and through Him. Then community, because He is big enough to bring diverse people together. Then mission, because this isn’t for us only. He sends us out to make a positive difference in His name.

What are your services like?

We start our service on time at 10:00 am each Sunday with a video call to worship. We then worship in music and ask the Holy Spirit into our gathering. A congregational greeting and announcements are followed by a Kingdom Seekers message for children. Pastoral prayer leads into our main Sunday message with strong Scriptural reference points. Our objective is for both worship and spiritual growth.

       Dress is comfortable and casual. Skeptics, seekers and followers are all welcome.

Where are you located and when do you gather?

We are located at 12410 S Van Dyke Rd in Plainfield, just across the street from Heritage Grove Middle School, and we gather on Sunday mornings at 10am. Check out our Time & Location page to learn more and view an interactive map.

What about my kids?

We welcome children in to our worship time on Sunday mornings. We know children also benefit from age-appropriate worship and teaching. Thus we offer – Core Kids worship – for children age 3 to 5th grade. There, your child will engage in teaching, games, music and more with other kids their age. Of course, your children may instead join you for the entire service if you prefer.

Our infant and toddler nurseries provide a safe and fun environment for children under age 3 during our Sunday morning gatherings. Our caregivers have completed safe child care training, and we observe proper check-in and check-out procedures in order to make sure children are well cared-for! Care givers do not change diapers; we’ll contact you during the service by a special code number if your child needs you.

You are welcome to keep your infant or preschooler with you.  Most who do so opt to sit in the back, near a door, or in our lobby for ease of care during the service. It also allows those around you to enjoy the service without distraction.

We also provide activity sheets for your child to draw on to keep them occupied during the service. For children who are nursing there is a cry/nursing room in between the nurseries for newborns and their parents. If you have further questions, please stop by the welcome desk.