Delighting in the message of God’s grace

Wherever you are in your faith journey you are welcomed here! We are learning together what it is to be God’s family together. We are reminding one another that the gospel is true and Jesus is everything. Come journey with us!
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The worship of God should be the centerpiece of any true body of Christ followers. That is our calling at Christ Community Church (CCC)!
For New Testament believers, what we often call “the Gospel” is where our teaching is centered. This is the Good News that God provided a perfect sacrifice to restore a broken relationship of mankind to Him. That came in the form of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Our call to action is first by faith, then by living out Jesus’ teachings to live and think differently. The Holy Spirit guides us to in how to be renewed as spiritual beings. And sermons will guide you to a deeper understanding of that truth.
The worship music of CCC will reflect the nature of our fallen race and the joy we experience in this restored relationship.
Each Sunday, we want you to leave knowing you are healed by God’s grace. May the fellowship you experience with us be welcoming and hope-centered. Welcome to the family!

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Christ Community is a place where you will be known and loved, no matter who you are or where you’re coming from. We’d love to get to know you, answer questions you might have, or pray for you. Below you’ll find a little more information about us.
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